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Ownership of a boat

Knowing all the difficulties of owning a boat, our company provides the owners and the captains of the vessels with every necessary support and advice needed to maintain the high standards of operation and management of a yacht.

So, you can make your boat trips carefree, knowing that we take care for every single detail.

  1. Total support
    We provide total support in the management of a luxury yacht. Our personnel, who have all the necessary knowledge and skills, will manage with professionalism and consistency to resolve any issues, from technical support to the accounting and reporting. Thanks to the effective management and the systematic control of the budget that results to significant cost savings, we offer our customers the security and tranquility they need.
  2. Financial management
    We undertake total financial management, which includes monthly, quarterly and annual reports using a separate account for each vessel so that you can be informed whenever you request it.
  3. Technical support and annual maintenance
    The extensive experience of our partners allows us to undertake full technical support issues, coordination and maintenance of a vessel. We take care for reliable technical service as well as to regularly check the condition of the vessel and notify you frequently.
  4. Reliability and safety
    The staff of our company ensures quality and effective security system and management of vessels in accordance with the international industry standards of yachting.
  5. Emergency support
    In case of any emergency incident, A-Z Yachting undertakes to directly solve and eliminate any problem. According to the flag, insurance and the type of the boat, we provide all the necessary communication for every need and coordinate all the necessary actions.
  6. Yacht supply
    Regardless of where your boat is, our company provides services such as fuel provision, spare parts, marine parts, equipment and anything else you may need. Thanks to our organization and professionalism, all supplies are being performed quickly, economically and efficiently.
  7. Select qualified crew
    Our company provides any assistance in selecting the right crew, administration, management of all certificates and checking medical certifications. We undertake labor contracts on behalf of the owner of the boat (according to the approval of legal authorities), as well as payroll, health insurance and correspondence of the crew.
  8. Dock/mooring
    For your facility, we will make sure to find a suitable port and the best way to meet your needs and requirements.
  9. Insurance for vessel and crew
    We offer insurance coverage and competitive prices thanks to our good and longtime cooperation with major insurance companies that specialize in the field of yachting.
  10. Marketing and advertising
    Our company, being specialized in the field of yachting and aiming to promote the vessels in the global market, uses advanced marketing methods such as internet marketing, newsletters, corporate directories and advertising. Additionally, we have a close cooperation with the best charter yachting professionals to ensure as more bookings as possible.
  11. Programming and booking
    Based on your preference for the period of time you would like to offer your boat for rental, our team will create an annual rental program. From the first stage of our cooperation, we will activate all of our resources, to make the best effective use of your boat, so that you benefit the maximum possible of it.
  12. Brokerage services
    Regardless if you wish for an open exhibition in the market, or for a private sale of your boat, our team will help you find your place in the market, seeking for the best result. Our company is in constant contact with potential buyers, which enables us to provide all sorts of information about your boat.